What’s the link between unhealthy sleep and diabetes?

Jeffrey Durmer, MD PhD was recently the featured expert and co-host of Martina Desgouttes’ holistic health show Healthy Explosion on BlogTalkRadio. Dr. Durmer is Chief Medical Officer of FusionHealth®. During the December 15th show, Dr. Durmer, along with Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks, discussed the growing threat of diabetes in American culture. According to Dr. Durmer, unhealthy sleep is directly linked to numerous chronic illnesses including diabetes. Furthermore, Type II diabetes is determined by lifestyle choices. Dr. Durmer’s excerpts detail the association between Sleep Apnea—the most common Sleep Disorder—Type II diabetes, and other chronic illnesses that can negatively impact both your health and job performance. Click the link below to listen to Dr. Durmer’s segments.



Key Points About the Link Between Sleep and Diabetes from Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, MD PhD:
Three pillars of health are diet, exercise, and sleep.

Sleep is equally important to your health as diet and exercise.

Data shows that unhealthy sleep is associated with several chronic illnesses including:

          • Hypertension
          • Increased risk of stroke
          • Obesity
          • Diabetes

Since “sleep gauges” and other instruments are not produced commercially, it is important to be aware of common Sleep Disorder warning signs such as snoring, twitching, and excessive amounts of movement during sleep.

Measures to know for health and possible signs of diabetes, include:

        • Hemoglobin A1C
        • BMI (Body Mass Index)
        • Blood/Glucose Levels around 100 or less

In 2008, the International Diabetes Federation determined that a Type II Diabetes patient’s workup should not be considered complete until he/she has been screened for Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea and reduced sleeping duration can lead to changes in an employees’ ability to handle blood glucose and sets the stage for Type II Diabetes.

Sleep Apnea creates a continued sensation of “fight or flight” responses during the night. The resulting surges of adrenaline and cortisol ultimately release glucose and produce conditions that create multiple health issues.

Reggie White, a healthy 40-year-old football player, died of heart failure that was directly attributed to his untreated Sleep Apnea.

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