Sleep & Your Health

Having a healthy lifestyle requires more than exercise and a nutritional diet. Current research confirms that proper sleep cycles are just as important when it comes to your overall health and wellness. Doctors agree that adults need on average about 8 hours of sleep every night. With the hectic work demands of today’s businesses, chances are you may not be getting the amount of sleep your body needs for peak performance.

Healthy Sleep

It may come as a surprise that not all types of sleep are beneficial. To ensure that you feel rested and refreshed when you wake, your brain needs 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. During this time, your body repairs itself. Unhealthy sleep, sporadic instances of interrupted and disturbed rest, can actually harm your body, damaging brain cells and reducing your body’s ability to fight off infectious diseases. Read more to learn about to classifying your current sleep cycles and how they may be impacting your health and wellness.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders plague nearly 44 million Americans each night, which disrupt healthy sleep cycles and cause unsafe work conditions. Many sleep disorders go undetected and untreated for years. The health problems associated with unhealthy sleep and sleep disorders are numerous and often life-threatening. Luckily, sleep disorders and their effects are preventable. The first step to identifying and eradicating sleep disorders is to know their signs. Click here to learn more about the various sleep disorders that may be keeping you from getting a restful night sleep.

Avoiding Diseases

When it comes to staying healthy and on the job, sleep is vital. New studies have found that sleep is crucial for your immune system. Sleep actually enhances the efficiency of your immune cells and makes sure your body is able to fight off infectious diseases. Consequently, a lack of sleep leaves your cells and body vulnerable and increases your risks for various health issues. Restorative sleep is the first line of defense to keep your body healthy and working. To learn more about how sleep can keep you healthy, click here.

Good Sleep Habits

To get the most out of your allotted sleeping time, it is important to employ good sleeping habits. Struggling to fall asleep and a restless body may be indications that you need to alter your pre-sleep routine. By modifying a few steps in your nightly process, you can increase the benefits of sleep and make the transition to sleep a smooth one.   Click here for tips and techniques that will ensure you maintain good sleep habits.

Proven Therapies

FusionHealth® prides itself on being able to help those in the transportation industry get the sleep they need while staying on the job. Our sleep medicine experts can help tailor a therapy program specific to your needs. With a wide range of treatment options, FusionHealth’s Sleep4Safety® Program not only prevents but also reverses potential health conditions associated with over 70 types of sleep disorders. Click here to learn how our Sleep4Safety® Program can benefit you.

Quality sleep is a cornerstone of your health. Sleep disorders can erode this foundation, even without your knowledge.