Restore Healthy Sleep to Build a Safer Workforce

Prevent Accidents

Trucking Carrier Safety

Sleep Apnea is one of the major threats to safety in the trucking industry.

Our programs focus on making your businesses safer while improving the health of your associates.

We offer tailored occupational health programs focused on identifying and removing the risk associated with sleep disorders from your workforce.

Save Lives

If your business is risk-sensitive and safety is a concern, your company requires an effective program to manage fatigue and fatigue-related accidents.

Implementation of work and rest schedules is a step in the right direction, but simply alloting for rest time does not assure healthy sleep. All employees who operate in a risk-sensitive roles need healthy sleep and should be screened, tested and treated for sleep disorders by experts in sleep medicine.

Our years of expertise in the development, testing and implementation of work-place programs for evaluation, treatment and long-term monitoring of all sleep disorders helps companies reduce human and financial risks.

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Drive Productivity with More Brain Power

Sleep deprivation reduces productivity and lowers cognitive function. People with sleep disorders cronicly suffer from sleep deprivation and perform poorly compared to their well rested counterparts. By resolving sleep disorders your business will realize the full productivity of your workforce, and greatly enhance the decision making abilities of key employees.

Dramatically Reduce Health Care Costs

Trucking Carrier Safety

Untreated sleep disorders cause many chronic diseases, which effective treatment can often reverse.

Untreated sleep disorders are directly linked to many chronic diseases, including High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Type II Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Attacks, ADHD and Heart Diseases.

The Sleep4Safety® Program is focused on tailoring company-specific programs to effciently diagnose and effectively treat employees suffering with sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea.

Commercial drivers have a 3-5 times increased risk of Sleep Apnea compared to the general public. A proactive Sleep Apnea management program is simply not an option anymore, its sensible business.

Initiating a Sleep Apnea management program is not only the right thing to do for your workforce, it is an exceptionally high performing investment. Sleep Disorders are Linked to Chronic DiseasesDirect health care costs are typically sharply reduced for treated individuals since they require fewer hospitalizations and less prescription medications.

Industry sponsored studies demonstrate that the return of investment occurs in less than 6 months for each treated driver. Other tangible benefits include reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, reduced accidents and enhanced retention of drivers. Studies show a dramatic improvement in driver retention by as much as 60%.

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