Sleep Deprivation

We Live in a 24-Hour Society

Sleep DeprivationSleep deprivation is extremely common in modern society and can lead to issues with mood, alertness, and performance. Individuals are continually sleeping less and less as the speed of society increases and around-the-clock activities become more common. We just cana’t miss out on anything. However, one thing we are missing out on is our sleep.

Just as with food intake and hunger, how people respond to sleep deprivation is directly linked to the amount and distribution of their previous sleep. Performance during a period of sleep loss is linked to the length of time awake and the person’s body clock (circadian rhythm).

What Can Be Done to Counter Sleep Deprivation?

  1. Put sleep at the top of your list of priorities.
  2. Get enough sleep. Adding one hour of sleep to your sleep time will do wonders for you. This means you may need to miss out on a late-night talk show on TV.
  3. Improve your sleep habits.
  4. Maintain consistency with your sleep and wake times, even on the weekends.
  5. Make your bedroom more “sleep-friendly.” No TV, no laptop computers – only sleep and sex.
  6. Consider the quality of your mattress and pillow.
  7. Avoid caffeine before bedtime.

If I am Sleep Deprived, How Can I Increase My Productivity?

  1. Get more sleep.
  2. Increase activity.
  3. Step into the light.
  4. Add noise to your environment.
  5. Change the temperature around you.
  6. Don’t lie down.
  7. Caffeine may help for a while.