Sleep4Safety Services

Specializing in treatment options for DOT regulated and non-DOT regulated workers in the transportation industry, FusionHealth® is the national leader in transportation sleep medicine when it comes to treating sleep apnea and over 80 other sleep disorders.

Drivers & Fleets

To ensure limited road interruption, our sleep experts perform services at your terminal. Assessment, diagnosis & treatment, and compliance are all completed with your busy schedule in mind. To learn more about our trucking services, click here.

Pilots & Aviation

Compliant with FAA regulations, FusionHealth’s Sleep4Safety® program offers sleep testing, treatments, and re-certification documentation for pilots. For more information about our aviation services, click here.

Sleep Medicine Program of Excellence

Offering exceptional value and unparalleled medical expertise, FusionHealth’s innovative Sleep4Safety® program restores healthy sleep, creating safer work environments for professionals in the transportation industry. To learn more about the variety of services available, click here.

Employee Benefits

The benefits of restful and restorative sleep are numerous. To learn how FusionHealth’s Sleep4Safety® program can benefit your personal health and professional performance, click here.