Become a Safer Business

Review mirrowsafety.firstHere at FusionHealth®, our goal is to improve the safety of your company. We offer proven programs to systematically identify and treat employees at risk of having a sleep apnea, making them healthier and safer drivers.

Fatigue is an Unacceptable Risk

Numerous studies have confirmed that fatigue plays a role in most accidents caused by human error. Recent studies have also demonstrated that fatigue related accidents tend to be the ones with the highest severity.

Fatigue is believed to be routinely underreported as the root cause for accidents, and is rarely self reported.

Most associate fatigue-related accidents happen when drivers fall asleep at critical moments.  However the major underlying contributor, causing fatigue in a large population, has not yet been diagnosed as a sleep disorder.

Sleep Disorders are the Major Contributor to Fatigue

Accident Rates are Drastically Reduced with a Sleep Apnea Management ProgramDrivers spend considerable effort on optimizing their work schedules to minimize fatigue. However, most have not addressed the major underlying contributor causing fatigue in a large population people suffering with sleep disorders.

A major trucking carrier has reported that high-severity crashes reduced by as much as 30% after they implemented a management program for Sleep Apnea. What is even more compelling is that their median cost of crashes reduced by 48%, when comparing statistics before and after implementation of the program. Those number confirm that drivers suffering with sleep disorders cause a large number of accidents, and those accidents are severe.

Remove the Risk of Sleep Disorders

Most all Sleep Disorders are identifiable and treatable using cost effective therapy alternatives. Sleep Apnea tends to be the most common sleep disorder afflicting up to 28% of truck drivers, compared with 5-10% of the general population. Restless Legs Syndrome is also a very common problem for operators, causing fatigue and restlessness during sleep and wake.

With an effective management program in place, provided by experts in Sleep Medicine, you can rely on our organization to help your operation effectively identify and treat those associates suffering with sleep disorders. They will thank you for it, and become a more loyal employee, once they realize the health benefits and quality life improvement associated with resolving those problems.