Healthy Trucking Association of America

HTAAFusionSleep® is an allied member of the Healthy Trucking Assocation of America (HTAA) and Dr. Jeffrey Durmer, Chief Medical Officer of FusionSleep® is a member of the HTAA’s medical advisory board.

The Healthy Trucking Association of America was founded in 1997 as the Independent Contractor Owner Operator Association. Since that time, shocking new revelations about how prevalent a total lack of good health has become among company drivers and owner operators have motivated the HTAA leadership to make the decision to devote our association to helping our nation’s drivers get healthy and live longer lives.

DriverHEALTH Magazine is the official publication of the HTAA. DriverHEALTH magazine is the first and only major trucking publication that offers information on health and wellness. It is the trucking industry’s main source of health and wellness information. FusionSleep® is a regular contributor to Driver Health magazine.

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