Programs for Drivers & Fleets

Sleep4Safety Medical ManagementFull Circle Medical Management

Our team of highly trained medical professionals ensure an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment for drivers with all sleep disorders.

Medical Risk Assessment

The first step of the program involves a cost effective method to assess all drivers for the risk of having a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea. Drivers suffering with high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease have a significantly higher chance of requiring treatment, as well as those with large neck-size and high BMI (Body Mass Index).

Immediate Diagnosis & Treatment

We understand time off the road is money lost to you and the company. The Sleep4Safety® programs allow initial diagnosis and treatment initiation to be performed on-site, usually at trucking terminals or training sites. Our programs get at-risk drivers diagnosed, treated and back on the road.

Remote Treatment Compliance Monitoring

The Sleep4Safety® programs provides remote monitoring of treatment adherence anywhere in the United States and provides you with all the support and medical intervention required to manage your sleep disorder.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration with DOT Physicians

Our Sleep Medicine Physicians will work in tandem with DOT Physicians to build a safe and healthy fleet of drivers. We will promptly provide the information supporting re-certification based on the driver´s successful treatment adherence.

Compliance Management

The FusionHealth® medical staff will assist you with any compliance issues you may have with your treatment. More complex sleep disorders require expertise and intervention which is provided by the team of sleep medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists.

Full Circle Medical Management


The comprehensive Sleep4Safety® program is supported by a team of sleep medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists. It provides a complete treatment pathway for all sleep disorders.