Reduce Healthcare Cost

Reduce Healthcare CostsThe cost of untreated Sleep Apnea is staggering. It is known to cause serious diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and strokes.

Sharply Reduced Costs

Diagnosis and treatment can often reduce health care costs by as much as 50% for most drivers. When untreated, sleep disorders can be a very costly disease causing deteriorating health with increased hospitalizations, absenteeism and lowered productivity.

The good news is that treatment is simple and effective, resulting in a healthier driver which translates into longer retention and increased productivity for the company.

Professionals at Your Service

We have physicians, nurses, therapists and field support technologists which all execute as one team to help you become a safer driver and business.

The Sleep4Safety® Program is a part of FusionHealth®, the leading Sleep Medicine Program in the Southeast United States.

We focus exclusively on Sleep Medicine and will work in tandem with your existing occupational health program and DOT physicians.

Service at Your Locations

Our programs are effective and efficiently designed to not disrupt your daily work. We perform most of our services at your site, rather than requiring you to travel to our location.