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28% of Truck Drivers have Sleep Apnea

FusionHealth’s Sleep4Safety® Program for Commercial Trucking

FusionHealth’s Sleep4Safety® Program for Commercial Trucking is a sleep management solution that delivers point-of-service care to ensure minimize your time off the road. Compliance automation and a dedicated Care Team take the hassle out of keeping you medically qualified to drive.

FusionHealth’s Sleep4Safety® Program for Commercial Trucking includes:

  • Field medical teams for testing, diagnosis, and treatment completed onsite (e.g., terminal, hotel, in cab) in 18 hours or less
  • Proprietary i.AIM™ technology that wirelessly monitors 24/7 compliance with therapy data, centralizes HIPAA-compliant records management, provides text alerts for non-compliance and recertification, and includes a customized web portal for fleet management
  • Medical management with advanced care unit for OSA therapy and board certified Sleep Medicine physicians to generate documentation for DOT Medical Examiners
  • Customized education and communication management for you and your family
  • FusionHealth® Care Team™ of sleep and case management professionals to proactivity monitor compliance and provide support to achieve industry-leading compliance levels

To help you adjust to OSA therapy, the FusionHealth® Care Team™ contacts you to address any issues with treatment and to alter your action plan if necessary. Call scheduling frequency is prioritized to focus on “high-risk” drivers first. Self-reported health statuses are collected every six months, and changes in health are met with an immediate consultation from the FusionHealth® Care Team™.

The experts at FusionHealth® have over twenty years of experience in employer wellness programs, forty-five medical licenses, and over 14,000 clients. Contact us today to see how FusionHealth® can help you stay healthy, safe and medically qualified to drive.

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