Better Sleep and Better Health for You and Your Family

For the first time, the National Sleep Foundation recently conducted a poll analyzing transportation professionals’ sleep. According to the study, sleep problems impact job performance in the transportation industry, with truck drivers ranking among the top of those affected. The study found that 11% of those polled suffered from at least one sleep disorder. It comes as no surprise that 15% of truck drivers said that sleepiness impacted their job performance at least once a week and 14% documented “near miss” accidents while at work. In an industry where safety depends on its workers, these findings reveal a serious problem.

Safety Concerns

When it comes to sleeping, truck drivers face a unique set of obstacles that other industries do not encounter. Long distance driving, sedentary positions, and erratic sleep times do not promote environments conducive for proper sleep cycles. Additionally, sleep disorders can disrupt what time a driver does have for resting. As a result, driver fatigue sets in and creates conditions that are dangerous for the driver and other vehicles.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concludes that driver fatigue is responsible for over 100,000 vehicular accidents and annually causes 1,500 deaths. To establish the reason for driver fatigue, know the warning signs for sleep disorders:

  • Loud snoring
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Waking with continued grogginess and lethargy
  • Problems concentrating

Untreated Sleep Disorders

Approximately 28% of truck drivers suffer from sleep apnea, a condition that causes the soft tissue in the upper airway to collapse and prevent breathing for short periods of time during sleep.  Due to its rarely recalled occurrences, many drivers suffer from sleep apnea or other sleep disorders unknowingly. When left untreated, these disorders have detrimental effects on overall health and wellness.  Sleep disorders can cause:

  • Hypertension
  • Insulin resistance, which inhibits weight loss
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Heart disease

Luckily, sleep disorders are able to be treated and eliminated, creating a healthier and happier you.

Sleep4Safety® and a Healthier Future

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