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What’s the link between unhealthy sleep and diabetes?

Jeffrey Durmer, MD PhD was recently the featured expert and co-host of Martina Desgouttes’ holistic health show Healthy Explosion on BlogTalkRadio. Dr. Durmer is Chief Medical Officer of FusionHealth®. During the December 15th show, Dr. Durmer, along with Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks, discussed the growing … Read More…

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New Study Finds Late Night Electronics Increase Insomnia in Children and Teens

Professionals in the transportation industry know how vital sleep is to overall health and wellness. What may be surprising is the sleep required by your children. While adults need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, children and teenagers require at least … Read More…

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Understanding FMCSA Guidelines for Sleep Apnea

FusionHealth® Chief Medical Officer Jeffrey Durmer, MD PhD presented to transportation professionals at the 2012 American Trucking Association ITLC/NAFC Annual Conference. Dr. Durmer led an educational session focused on current FMCSA Guidelines for Sleep Apnea and likely future regulations that will address the critical prevalence … Read More…

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Glenn Keller Shares Advice for Drivers on Sleep Apnea Treatment

Glenn Keller, Independent Contractor with Road Runner Transportation and CNN Fit Nation participant, shares his heartfelt advice for drivers. He tells how getting back on his Sleep Apnea treatment kept him in compliance and driving safely. Plus, Glenn’s wife, Tomlyn, tells how she can now … Read More…

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Sleep: The Third Pillar of Health

The importance of proper nutrition and consistent exercise has been known for years. Ads on TV and in newspapers go on and on about the importance of healthy food intake and regular exercise. Many people do everything right when it comes to this lifestyle. Many … Read More…

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How do I get my child back into healthy sleep and nutrition habits to start the school year off right?

SLEEP: With the summer coming to an end, we begin to prepare our children for the start of a new school year. In general, we tend to focus our attention on new clothes, shoes and getting required supplies. However, we should also take a closer … Read More…

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