The Sleep4Safety® Program is powered by the national leader in transportation sleep medicine, FusionHealth®.  With proprietary cloud-based technology, leading medical expertise and business intelligence, FusionHealth® analyzes, intervenes, and manages the sleep disorders plaguing DOT and non-DOT regulated employees with limited interruptions to your work schedule.

About FusionHealth®

The experts at FusionHealth® have over twenty years of experience in transportation wellness programs, forty-five medical licenses, and over 12,000 satisfied clients. FusionHealth® can provide the solutions you need to increase your overall health and wellness. To learn more about us, click here.

Expert Clinical Team

FusionHealth® has the medical expertise to treat sleep disorders that are interrupting your nights. Click here to meet our fully certified and licensed staff.


If you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea or any other type of sleep disorder, Sleep4Safety® is here to help. To access medical forms and releases, click here.

Core Values

With 100% dedication to sleep medicine, the experts at FusionHealth® guarantee the highest quality patient care. To learn more about our commitment and core values, click here.

Credibility and Commitment

FusionHealth® not only meets but surpasses national expectations and standards in the sleep medicine field. To learn more about our commitment and passion, click here.